• Sermoner (10+2)

    Sermoner (10+2)

    Available to order ,after 31/12 2013

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    Receiver * 10 Transmitter * 2 Charging Box * 1 Charging Cable * 1 Earphone * 10 Microphone * 2

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    Used by the speaker or the interpreter/ translator, a transmitter helps in broadcasting signals to the receivers with the members.

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    The receiver works as a miniature radio, which picks only what is coming through the transmitter.

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    Earphones at Audio for Church offer high quality sound without making the user feel isolated from the environment

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    The Audio for Church Microphone is ideal to be used as a high quality talk back device.

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What Our Clients Say...


    I am pleased to say that Pattaya Church, best church sermons is thoroughly satisfied with the translation devices that sermoner team provided us at a most reasonable price. These devices consist of 20 units of receivers and 2 compact transmitters. There's also this nice container called 'Charge Box' which not only effectively houses all the aforementioned devices but also smartly charges electricity to all the various devices in one single operation. The Sermons Church of Christ has been using them for almost one year now and has nothing but praise for the products and the efficiency and friendliness of sermoner team. The Ministry of Pattaya Church has seen approximately more than 200 worshippers, with foreigners who need English translation from myself attending per each Sunday Morning Service.

    Professor Paul Chong

    Professor Paul Chong

    Pattaya (Liberty) Church.

About Us

The problem we solved by introducing a revolutionary system sermoner

Religion brings people together and churches are places where people of different religions and speaking different language gather. After years of experience in coeval interpretation market, we decided to focus our expertise in offering a comprehensive audio translation solution for sermon. Our translation systems help in people of different languages attending and understanding a sermon at an international church, even when the proceedings are being carried out in a language they do not understand.

At sermoner, we offer translation devices, which can help in creating attentiveness among people speaking different languages and coming from foreign lands, understand and get interested in attending church sermons and ceremonies. We mainly offer services for international churches, where the number of foreigners is more, in comparison to a local church.

The system we offer consists of a Transmitter, Receiver, Earphone and Microphone. The transmitter is for translator and receiver is for members.

Just few features of this system we offer are:

  • The coverage is good and it can work for about 500 meters, which means easily operational in large venues where greater coverage area is necessary.

  • The device is very easy to manage and will not cause any extra burden for the carrier.

  • It’s extremely portable.

  • The number of members is not limited and any number is fine

  • Most cost-effective resolution for simultaneous interpretation of up to 99 languages

  • Superb audio quality for hours of listening without weariness

  • It takes the guesswork out of composite audio installation

  • Comes in a package box

  • Offers excellent audio and sound quality

  • Avoids sound disturbances and offers undisturbed sound dissipation, even in large gatherings 

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